TE welcomes you to 4U

Because we value you and every second you spend with us , the 4U program has been designed especially for you
as a valuable TE customer.

As an existing customer, you are automatically enrolled into 4U where for every pound you pay you get a point.
Accumulate your points and redeem them for discounts on your monthly subscriptions and/or TE services.

As a new customer, once your subscription is activated, you are automatically enrolled into the 4U program and can start redeeming your points whenever you want.

To find out your points balance or to redeem, all you have to do is to follow the below steps :

  • Select the "Registration" tab .

  • Insert your ADSL Username & Password (if you don’t have them, contact 111 and while you are at it, update your mobile number).

  • Choose for yourself a new password and make sure you confirm it .

  • You will get a verification code on your mobile and once you get it insert it in the Verification Code’ tab .

That’s it! You are done!