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You can make all types of calls (Local, National, Mobile & International) from your home landline.

Home Landline contracting fees is (150 EGP – not including Request fees, stamp & VAT)

Home Landline contracting fees is (150 EGP – not including stamp & VAT):

Description Price (EGP)
Total of installation &contracting fees including the subscription of WE Ardy 20 bundle, caller ID  & follow me services for 3 months paid in advance 150
Stamps 8 + 2.90 EGP for each paper
Value added tax 14%

Contracting Procedures:

  • You can fill the request of contract to new Landline form for 20 EGP including taxes (attached with a copy of valid national ID (front & back side) and building ownership contract or an apartment lease and installation is finalized upon technical feasibility.

Required Documents:

  • Identification card (original & copy): valid national ID showing the same installation address.
  • Building ownership contract or an apartment lease or a utility services receipt: electricity, gas or water.

Terms and Conditions:

  • When you subscribe to new home landline, you will have WE Ardy 20 as a basic package, which has 120 WE landline minutes monthly, in addition to home landline subscription, Caller ID & Follow me services, with 20 EGP as a monthly fee.
  • The caller ID Service will be added by default with the new landline contract without any extra fees.
  • The value of “WE Ardy 20” subscription including the landline subscription
  • The terms and conditions of WE Ardy 20 bundles apply. For more information. Click here

Channels to Get Fixed Landline:

  • All WE stores
  • Call Center 111
  • Website

New Consumer landline contracting request is available through:

Requesting a new consumer landline through My WE App or WE website (Click Here)

Now you can request a new consumer landline through WE website or My WE App and make sure to fulfill all necessary data & upload a copy of the following required documents:

  • Valid national ID card front & back side.
  • Ownership contract or real estate lease contract or utility receipt (electricity / water / gas) showing the same installation address.

In case technical feasibility of a new consumer landline is available, you can use one of the following alternatives to complete the contracting procedures:

  • WE Stores
  • Customer’s site (service fees is for EGP250 not including taxes)

Terms and Conditions:

  • All required data & documents submitted and necessary for your landline request should be correct and on your responsibility.
  • In case the technical feasibility is available for a new landline request, you are obligated to complete the contracting procedures within 14 days as a maximum, and in case of not completing contracting procedures, the company has the right to cancel the reservation of the line after 14 days from reservation date.
  • You can follow up the service request through call center 111.
  • Upon submitting a new landline request, you can choose service type as below:
    • Fixed line only
    • Fixed line + Fixed Internet
  • You can contract a new consumer landline from your site in case contracting address belongs to one of the exchanges that the service is available in & for more information call 111.

Calls Inside Egypt

Call Type Price (Pts. / min)

Local: (on net)

Calls from WE landline to another WE landline in the same governorate
Available for all home landlines.

3 pts. per minute + 10 pts. call set-up

National:(on net)

Calls from WE landline to another WE landline to all governorates

(Less than 60 Km.) 8 pts. per minute.
(More than 60 Km.) 16 pts. per minute.

+ 10 pts. call set-up

Current Offer:

3 pts. per minute
+ 10 pts. call set-up

Calls from landline to Mobile:

Calls from WE landline to WE mobile 
Calls from WE landline to other mobile

3 pts. per minute + 10 pts. call set-up
14 Pts. per minute + 10 Pts. call set-up

Calls to another landline operator

Calls from WE landline to another landline operator (local and national calls)

14 Pts. Per minute + 10 Pts. Call set-up

International Calls Base Price:

Zone Price / minute (EGP)
Zone 1 7 EGP
Zone 2 8 EGP
Zone 3 9 EGP
Zone 4 (HTR 1) 20 EGP
Zone 5 (HTR 2) 40 EGP

Countries distribution / zone & price/ minute (EGP):

Rest of the World (Zone3)

Terms & Conditions:

  • The new prices will be applied 24/7 (i.e. no difference in minute price between peak & off peak durations)
  • All the above mentioned prices are not including taxes
  • Charging unit is the first minute then , every 10 seconds

Landline ownership modification for existing customers:

Now, you can correct and modify your landline ownership to control your landline & enjoy promotions and services. The administrative fees is only 5 EGP (excluding tax & stamp) for the following cases:

  • The waiver to the heirs
  • The waiver to a relative
  • The Assignment
  • Telephone status correction
  • In & out partner
  • Changing the name
  • Selling for commercial shops and houses
  • Exchanging the telephone numbers as a result of exchanging the apartments

How to apply:

  • Through WE stores

Required procedures:

  • The customer fills the form of correcting & changing the landline ownership and attach it with a copy of the ID to review the data and status of the landline.
  • In case of landline waiver, both the assignor & the assignee should visit WE store to fulfill the request.
  • In case of telephone status correction, the customer who wants to correct the telephone status should visit WE store to fulfill the request.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • For more information call 111/ 015550001111