Get New Landline


You can make all types of calls ( Local, National, Mobile & International ) from your Fixed Landline. You can also get home internet from your fixed landline to keep in touch with the outside world. Visit your exchange or the nearest WE outlet to complete contracting procedures



Home Landline contracting fees is (150 EGP – not including stamp & VAT):

Description Price (EGP)
Total of request ,installation &contracting fees including the subscription of WE Ardy 20 bundle and caller ID service for 3 months paid in advance 150
Stamps 8 + 2.90 EGP for each paper
Value added tax 14%


Channels to Get Fixed Landline:

Now you can contract on a new home landline without going to any of our stores , through the company's official website after completing all the necessary data (click here)

Steps to request new contracts on the landline through the website:

  • Register your data with the online service subscription form.
  • A copy of the required documents shall be uploaded as follows:
  • Identification document (national ID card) showing the same installation address
  • Ownership contract or real estate lease contract or utility receipt (electricity / water / gas)

Ways of completing contracting procedures in case of technical availability

  • Customer can choose to complete the contracting procedures from the nearest Point of sale.
  • Customer can choose to contract from home, 100 pounds will be added in addition to the contracting fees (The home delivery service is available at Cairo outlets according to availability of the service in outlets.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The customer acknowledges that all the data provided by him are correct, as well as his responsibility for the documents and papers submitted by him that are necessary for his landline request.
  • In case of technical feasibility is available on the contract request of the Landline, the customer is obligated to complete the contracting procedures within 30 days as a maximum of informing the customer, and in case of non-compliance, the company has the right to cancel the reservation of the line after 30 days from the date of reservation sent to him.
  • The customer can follow up the service request through call center 111

Landline ownership modification for existing customers:

Now, WE avails the correction and landline ownership modification to make it easy for customers to control their landlines & benefit from WE services & promotions. The administrative fees is only EGP 5 (excluding tax & stamp) for the following cases:

How to apply:

Required procedures:

For more information call 111/ 015550001111

Contact us on online chat by visiting our website


International Calling Rates (EGP/min) Peak Off-Peak
Arab countries and USA 5.25 4.05
Europe and Canada 6.15 5.25
Rest of the World 7.65 6
Others* 12 12

Peak Time: from 8 AM to 8 PM

Off-Peak time: from 8 PM to 8 AM

* Others include: Tunisia, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Mauritania, Guinea, Burundi, Niger, Chad, Mali, Morocco, Algeria, Sierra Leone, Maldives, Cuba and Madagascar.