Level Up is a recurring add-on for PlayStation Gamers to enjoy a special gaming quota for PS3 & PS4 use only. It is separate add-on from your basic quota to enjoy playing without consuming from your main quota.


Add-on Name Add-on Quota Add-on Price

Level Up 1

150 GB

75 L.E

Level Up 2

300 GB

150 L.E

  • All Prices are subject to 14% VAT.


  • What is Level up Add-ons ?

     It's a dedicated separate recurring add-on for PlayStation only .

  • Which PlayStation console version is supporting the new packages?

PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4.

  • What will happen after consuming my basic quota?

After you consume your basic quota, you will enjoy using unlimited internet service with 256 Kbps speed.

  • What will happen after consuming the dedicated quota of the PlayStation?

PlayStation Online usage will resume consumption normally from the basic quota.

  • If I used YouTube or browsing through PS, is it will consume from level up quota ?

No, it will deduct from basic quota as Level up dedicated for Sony games only.

  • What will happen after consuming the basic quota while the PlayStation is not finished yet?

You will enjoy the PlayStation gaming with the original speed but for the browsing & download from any other sites will be done with speed 256 Kbps.

  • Can the PlayStation packages subscribers use the extra quota?

Yes. But it will be added to the basic quota

Extra Quota Price
20 GB 30 EGP
50 GB 60 EGP
100 GB 100 EGP
  • When / where I can subscribe / renew on the level up add-on?

You can subscribe any time as long as the main package is Active and will be renewed automatically every month as far as you have balance covering its fees.

You can subscribe through Mobile app ,E-care , our stores , aggregators or call center.

Terms & Condition

  • You can buy the extra quota from WE stores, Fawry outlets or our website.
  • Validity of the extra quota is 1 month from the date of purchase.
  • All Prices are subject to 14% VAT.