Business ADSL

WE ADSL provides a high speed fixed Internet connectivity to small and medium companies at affordable prices .ADSL for offices enables a company to connect an entire LAN 24 hours a day to the Internet at no extra cost, in addition to the option of having multiple fixed IP addresses for hosting the company's web servers, mail servers, intranet application, etc. inside the company.

Features &Benefits:

  • Competitive prices
  • Fast installation
  • Special 24/7 customer service & technical support


Business ADSL Price List:

WE Space
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IP Transit

IP transit service is a permanent dedicated bandwidth connection, offered with variable speeds connectivity at remarkably competitive prices, circuit capacity ranges from 64Kbps to E1, E3, DS 3, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 and beyond.

Unlike many dedicated Internet Access providers, WE has multiple, redundant, high availability International gateways, supported by peering agreements with major network service providers, enabling clients to get the right mixture of high QoS, competitive prices, and professional customer service.

Features & Benefits:

  • End to End Management: True comprehensive management of all aspects of the service
  • Reliability: "always-on", reliable, high-speed internet connection that facilitates a smooth transmission of data
  • Global Routes: Global Internet route coverage on either a direct or transit basis
  • Redundancy and Route Reliability: Diverse and redundant routing options.
  • Close monitoring: 24/7 end-to-end network performance monitoring.​
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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

 VPNs allow secure access to corporate resources by establishing an encrypted tunnel across the Internet. The ubiquity of the Internet, combined with today's VPN technologies, allows organizations to cost-effectively and securely extend the reach of their networks to anyone, anyplace, anytime.

Features & Benefits:

  • Network Coverage based on the industry-leading MPLS technology.
  • Fully Managed  24/7 end-to-end network performance monitoring.
  • One Stop Shop Security & privacy.
  • Variable Speed Connectivity offering ranging from 64K to multiple 1GB and more.


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