Leadership Development Center

As a leading telecommunications company in Egypt and the region, TE executives decided to establish the Leadership Development Center (LDC) in 2003. The LDC is an institute that fosters managers’ capability to lead others and provides them with practical techniques for managing manpower and resources, through tailored management and leadership programs. This took place through one of the key initiatives supported by the USAID Egypt, which dramatically influenced the employees' leadership skills, in addition to supporting the Leadership Development Program.

Moreover, the center provides the company's employees with a set of short courses enhancing their leadership and administration skills. Through its current plan, the LDC seeks to extend its programs to reach various places and sectors in the company, in Cairo and other governorates.

Among the center's goals are:

Providing unique Leadership Programs that best satisfy our customers’ needs.

Developing high calibers that are more capable of communicating programs’ material effectively & promoting their organization.

Establishing an “Assessment Center” to evaluate the leadership skills for the new comers according to the “Target Selection” principle.

Sharing experiences.

Offering valuable consultation services. The LDC offers various programs such as: Leadership, Motivation, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Business Planning and Change Management. In addition to these programs, the center provides major consultancy services, for instance: Customer Care Consultancy, Strategic Management Consultancy, Organizational Development Consultancy and Team Building Consultancy.