TE Museum

In order to preserve the heritage of telecommunications and its history in Egypt since 1882, Telecom Egypt adopted the project of establishing the "Telecommunications Museum". The museum includes various devices and equipment some of which go back to the early telecommunications history, and throughout the stages of the development of this promising industry. The museum serves evidence on the technological progress that Telecom Egypt achieved during the past era.

The museum was established on 27May 2010, and is located within the premises of Telecom Egypt Training Sector, 5 Al-Shohadaa' Street, Sixth District, Nasr City, in front of Al-Azhar University.

Main and Subsidiary Section of the Museum:

1- Local  Network

2- Telephone Sets

3- Cable Fault Locator

4- Switches

5- Exchanges

6- Transmission

7- Fiber Optics

8- Data Transfer

9- Projectors and Microfilm

10- Historical Documents

11- Outdoor Museum