CEO Statement

Ahmed El Beheiry

Chief Executive and Managing Director


Undoubtedly, telecommunications has become one of the main pillars of modern societies, especially after the enormous developments that the ICT industry witnessed all around the world. In this regard, Telecom Egypt has played a pivotal role in driving the growth and development within the local ICT market, depending on its infrastructure, which is the largest in the region and spread all around Egypt.

Telecom Egypt has been, and will always be, a key partner and an eyewitness of the rise of the ICT sector, and an active element in boosting the comprehensive development process in Egypt. 

I was honored to assume the responsibility of leading this great establishment, and I am looking forward to the carrying on with the development process, with the help of a group of the best engineers, managers, and employees. In TE, we believe that our customers are entitled to the best services, hence, we exert every possible effort to satisfy the aspirations of our customers, and even their future expectations, in an effort to maintain TE's leadership of the Egyptian ICT market, which it managed to keep over 160 years.

TE is a leading telecommunications company. It employs 50 thousand employees, who spare no effort or time to reach customers and provide best services. They work on ensuring that customer enjoys a unique and distinct experience of telecommunications services.

Based on our belief in the importance of the Egyptian telecommunications market, Telecom Egypt is looking forward to supporting this market with innovative ideas and new services to satisfy the ambition of all its users and reach new horizons. Understanding and meeting our customers' needs and requirements shall always remain the main motive of TE's strategy.

TE would like to extend its thanks and appreciation to its customers for the trust they exhibit in "their" company, as we consider them our "success partners". Thereupon, we pledge to continue providing them with the best efficiency and the highest levels of quality and professionalism.