WE Air 4G 150

Terms & Conditions:

  • WE Air 4G Router works only on WE Network coverage and is locked on the WE data sim. 
  • You can use WE Air 150 and 250 in only one location. 
  • Bundle automatically renews every 30 days and early renew option is available.
  • Carry over is applicable upon on-time renewal. 
  • Add-on packages are available on-demand and not automatically renewed.
  • Change of location requests should be done through  WE  stores.
  • In terms of consumption, you will be charged with 1MB for every 1MB quota consumption applicable to all websites without any special time quota or limitation. 
  • Terms and conditions apply

How to Subscribe:

  • To check your availability for using this service, please use “Check Availability” location service 
    • Search for the address you want to use this service in
    • If the address is within the coverage area, please register with your mobile number, and visit any of WE Store. 
    • Once at the store, please share the mobile number saved to use the latest check-in location
  • You can easily be part of WE Air through the following sales channels:
    • Call center: You can contact the Call Center on 015 55000 111 if you are calling from a non-WE number or 111 from any 015 number
    •   WE  Stores: You can visit the nearest store and sales agent should provide you with all needed information (dedicated branches are mentioned under “Branches” section)

How to Manage Your Plan:

  • You can manage your plan anytime through My WE mobile application or through Router Dashboard. 
  • You can access the router dashboard using the following steps:
    • Connect your mobile or computer to the router’s Wi-Fi network, Please refer to the label on the bottom of the router for the default SSID (network name) and Wi-Fi Key (password) .  (SSID & Wi-Fi Key is unique for each device).
    • Open your browser and write down on address bar router default IP address: (Default IP wrote on the label on the bottom of the router).
    • Enter default username: admin and default password: admin of Router login page (Default username and password wrote on the label on the bottom of the router)
    • Now you accessed the dashboard and can explore the device settings and statistics.