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Best internet in Egypt Highest speeds, biggest quota and free entertainment.

WE Space offers you a variety of packages with quotas up to 1TB and different speeds up to 200 Mbps based on your line eligibility.

Now you can enjoy free access to educational & governmental websites (Maximum 10 GB per month).

Enjoy free Jawwy TV with Super 200GB and starting from Super 250GB you will enjoy free WATCH IT & Jawwy TV.

Your landline will be checked and you will be advised on the recommended speed according to your line eligibility through WE stores, our call center (111, 19777) or through our live chat service on our website.

  • Super packages are eligible to speed up to 30 Mbps
  • Mega packages are eligible to speed up to 70 Mbps
  • Ultra packages are eligible to speed up to 100 Mbps
  • MAX package is eligible to speed up to 200 Mbps

WE SPACE yearly packages

Subscribe to WE SPACE yearly packages and pay for up to 10 months only!

Enjoy a hassle-free experience, where you pay only once per year with discount & use your quota all year long.

Speed Yearly Quota Yearly fees
Super speed up to 30 Mbps 3,000 GB 3,220 EGP
4,800 GB 5,060 EGP
7,200 GB 7,150 EGP
12 TB 10,500 EGP
Mega Speed up to 70 Mbps 3,000 GB 4,715 EGP
7,200 GB 8,800 EGP
12 TB 12,000 EGP
Ultra-Speed up to 100 Mbps 3,000 GB 6,210 EGP
7,200 GB 10,450 EGP
Max-Speed up to 200 Mbps 12 TB 13,500 EGP

Monitor your consumption through our website or My WE mobile application You will be notified before your fixed internet quota is consumed.

If you consumed your basic quota, you will enjoy using unlimited internet service with throttled speed and to upgrade once again to your original speed within the same month, you can either early renew your package anytime, or recharge any of the following add-on quotas: one time or make it auto renewal subscription every 30 days.

Extra Quota Price
20 GB 40 EGP
50 GB 80 EGP
100 GB 130 EGP
Giga tank Price
400 GB 325 EGP
2000 GB 1,250 EGP

Exclusive from WE, with PREMIUM router you can now get the highest speed & widest coverage with the easiest installment plan.
Now For all NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPT & BANQUE MISR card holders, enjoy 0% interest on 12 months when you buy PREMIUM router.

Terms & Conditions:

  • You can subscribe to WE Space packages through WE Stores.
  • Recharge your account through:
    • My WE APP 
    • Our website 
    • All WE Stores
    • Fawry, Masary, Bee, Aman, Sadad, Momken, Khadamaty and Opay.
  • The main plan is automatically renewed in case of having enough balance.
  • You will get the yearly quota as a chunk when you subscribe on WE SPACE yearly packages and you can use the quota all year long.
  • Salefny service: If your line is suspended due to non-payment, you can use your fixed internet line with its original speed by adding extra 5 GB for 10 EGP, with 2 days validity. In case you have insufficient balance in your account, the available amount will be deducted and the rest will be added to your next renewal as a due amount.
  • You can purchase the router, click here for available devices.
  • All Prices are subject to 14% VAT.
  • If you have a FTTH line, it’s the Fiber to the home technology please click here for subscription and installation steps.
  • Installment plans for PREMIUM router:
    • The installment plans for PREMIUM router is available for all WE customers through:
      1. NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPT & BANQUE MISR card holders.
      2. valU App
    • NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPT & BANQUE MISR card holders can choose the 6 or 12 months installment plan with no interest.
    • The installment through valU App is available up to 60 months with no down payments.
    • All customers are eligible to have the router through the installment plan only once per fixed internet line.
    • The installments plans are available only through WE stores & you can call 111 or 01555000111 to know the nearest store that avail the installment service.
  • To enjoy your gift, please visit &