WE & Kimo Cono Summer Promo

For the first time, WE and Kimo Cono offer an exclusive promo for mobile customers to enjoy free megabytes during the summer.

When you buy Kimo Cono ice cream, dial the code on the back of the lid and get your gift up to 500 free MBs.


  • This offer is valid for all mobile customers.
  • When you dial the code on the back of the lid, starting with *3333* then voucher code, you will get one of the following:
    • 50 MBs
    • 250 MBs
    • 500 MBs
  • Free megabytes are valid for 24 hours from redemption date.
  • Consumption priority is for the free MBs then the main bundle.
  • Remaining MBs will not be carried over.
  • Consumption is 1:1 for every MB across all applications and websites.
  • You can enjoy the offer every time you buy an ice cream up to 5 times and the code is valid for one time only
  • Terms & conditions apply

This offer is valid for a limited time only.

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