Nitro Prime Vouchers Offer

Enjoy value vouchers from WE Bonus when you renew or subscribe to Nitro Prime package starting from Nitro Prime 70 to be redeemed at Moniginis, New Balance, LC WAIKIKI, McDonald’s, Careem or Noon

Package Name


Up to Quota

Voucher Amount

Nitro Prime 70

70 EGP

12,500 MBs

35 EGP

Nitro Prime 100

100 EGP

20,000 MBs

100 EGP

Nitro Prime 200

200 EGP

47,000 MBs

200 EGP

Nitro Prime 450

40 EGP

100,000 MBs

400 EGP

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is valid for new & existing customers on all pre-paid & post-paid plans upon  renewal or subscription to Nitro Prime starting from Nitro Prime 70.
  • you  will receive a voucher of up to 100% of the value of the package from WE Bonus which you can redeem from our partners (Moniginis, New Balance, LC WAIKIKI, McDonald’s, Careem, Noon)
  • You will receive the value voucher within 48 hours from renewal or subscription to Nitro Prime 70 and above.
  • The value voucher is valid to the end of November.
  • You can enjoy the offer only once.
  • Terms and conditions apply.