*015# Promos

Dial the code *015# and get pampered with offers (Minutes .. Units .. Megabytes) tailored to fit your needs.

How to get *015# promos:
Dial the code *015# and choose from different offers tailored to fit your needs.

*015# promos details:

  • Daily offers (Minutes to all Networks .. Units .. Megabytes)
  • You will receive SMS with offer details  upon subscription.

Terms & conditions:

  • For Mobile Promotions:
    • Competitive offers are available for each customer maximum twice per month.
    • Competitive offers are available for customers who renew their bundles.
    • No auto renewal
    • Offers are available for Control and 12 PTs rate plans where customers should be active to get the offers.
    • Consumption priority is for the nearest expiry offer
    • No carry-over for the un-used resources. 
  • For Discount Vouchers Promotions:
    • Discount Vouchers are eligible from request date till end of month
    • Customer can request the discount voucher up to once per month
    • Customer will receive an SMS including the code, merchant name and validity for customers who pay for 3 months or more 

Method of accounting and consumption of units:

  • 1 minute to the WE network or a landline; 1 unit.
  • 1 MB: 1 unit.
  • 1 message for one WE 1 network.
  • Minutes for calls (minutes to all networks).
  • 1 minute to WE network or land line: 1 unit.
  • 1 minute to other networks: 8 units (the price per minute becomes 10 piasters).
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