*015# Promos

Dial the code *015# and get pampered with offers (Minutes .. Units .. Megabytes) tailored to fit your needs. Because Eid is always about gifts , you will enjoy 250 free units to use as minutes , megabytes and SMSs to WE network

How to get EID gift:
Dial the code *015# and select 015 gift

How to get *015# promos:
Dial the code *015# and choose from different offers tailored to fit your needs.


*015# promos details:

  • Daily offers (Minutes to all Networks .. Units .. Megabytes)
  • You will receive SMS with offer details  upon subscription.

Terms & conditions:

  • EID gift is available during EID and valid for 1 week 
  • No auto renewal
  • No limits for number of bundles that could be acquired.
  • Consumption priority is for the nearest expiry bundle
  • No carry-over for the un-used resources. 
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