WE Ardy Ramadan Promo
WE Ardy Ramadan offer 
This Ramadan you will be filled with Happiness! Subscribe or upgrade to WE Ardy 35 or 65 during Ramadan and enjoy a discount on the bundle monthly subscription fees for 3 months and when you buy a cordless fixed line device, you will get  ( 197 EGP ) 50% cashback of its value ( without tax)  on July 2021 bill (  the device purchasing  is optional & upon customer request )…. Fre7nabo
  • Subscribe to WE Ardy 35 bundle for EGP 25 instead of EGP 35  / month for 3 months .
  • Subscribe to WE Ardy 65 bundle EGP 45 instead of EGP 65  / month for 3 months .
WE Ardy 35 &  WE Ardy 65  bundles Description:
  • Bundles subscription fees are not including taxes  
  • Fair usage policy applies monthly for WE Ardy 35 & 65 bundles (2,500 local or WE Mobile + 1,000 National Minutes).
  • Caller ID service which enables you to know the calling number.
  • Follow me service that allows you to transfer your landline calls to another landline or WE Mobile.  
  • Special Tariff for international call: 299 pt. /min. (including tax) for zones (1, 2, 3)
  • For WE Ardy 65 subscribers only ,  250 minutes from WE landline to other mobile operators .
How to subscribe:
  • Call Center 111
  • WE Stores
  • Website te.eg . ( click here )
Terms &  Conditions: 
  • By the end of the discount period, subscribers will be charged with the original price of the bundle.
  • You are allowed to downgrade without penalty in case of subscribing only to discounted bundles 
  • Taxes are applied to the bundles subscription fees before discount.
  • You should pay your April due bill in order to enjoy the offer. 
  • To get the device 50% cash back offer, you must buy the cordless fixed line device during the promotion period with its full price ( 450 EGP including tax). 
  • In case of retrieving the device, you will not get the value of the reduction (197 EGP) in July 2021 bill .
  •  You are allowed to get the offer once 
  • In case you get cash back of the cordless fixed line device & make a request to downgrade before the end of 2021 , you will pay a penalty fees EGP 150 on the nearest due bill   
  • The offer is available during Ramadan month.
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