WE arady  - voice packages from telecom egypt
WE Ardy Postpaid Bundles

WE Ardy Bundles

WE Ardy 25

WE Ardy 40

WE Ardy 70

Bundle Minutes / Month

120 min./ month
( local & national)

3500 mins
( Local, National & WE Mobile)

Other Operators Mobile Minutes



250 mins

Value Added Services

Caller ID & Follow me
(Call Forward)

Price (without VAT & Table tax)

25 EGP/ Month

40 EGP/ Month

70 EGP/ Month

Price (including VAT & Table tax)

≃29 EGP/Month

≃47 EGP/Month

≃83 EGP/Month

Payment Type

Postpaid /Month

Terms & Conditions:

  • “Caller ID” service enables you to know the incoming number.
  • “Follow Me” service enables you to transfer landline calls to another landline or WE mobile.
  • Unused minutes will not be carried over for the next bill cycle.
  • You can query about bill statement, bundles and Value-added services through My WE app, https://my.te.eg, IVR and 111.
  • Dunning actions policy will be applied as below:
    • Bill is issued monthly.
    • Grace period for 20 days starting from bill issue date.
    • Barring period starts from second day of the end of grace period for 7 days.
    • Suspension period starts after ending of barring period.

      Bill Issue

      Receiving only


      Service will be valid for outgoing &incoming calls for 20 days from bill issued

      Service will be receiving only for 7 days

      Service will be suspended and Fixed internet will be affected

      bill issued in 1st Jan.
      Grace period will be from 1st Jan. till 20th Jan.

      21st Jan. till 27th Jan.

      from 28th Jan. service will be suspended and Fixed internet will be affected

  • You can pay your bill amount through the below channels:
    • My WE App via bank card.
    • https://my.te.eg via bank card.
    • WE Pay
    • WE stores
    • E – Payment channels" Fawry, Masary, Sadad, Bee, Momken, , Khadamaty …etc.

In case the bundle’s minutes were consumed, you can use one of the following alternatives:

  1. Charging with out of bundle tariff as the below:

    Call Type

    Price/ Minute

    Local, National and WE mobile

    3 pts + 10 pts (Call Set up)

    Fixed WE to other Mobile Operators
    Fixed WE to other Fixed Virtual Operators

    14 pts +10 pts (call set up)

    You will be charged for international calls with the current tariff applied for all zones.

  2. Subscription to Extra WE add-ons ( One-time or Renewable)

    Add-on Name

    Extra WE fixed 10

    Extra WE fixed 20

    Extra WE Mobile 5

    Extra Mobile 15

    Extra Mobile 25


    250 min (Local & National)

    700 min ( Local & National)

    100 min (WE Mobile)

    125 min (All Mobile Networks)

    225 min (All Mobile Networks)

    Monthly Fees EGP












    Monthly Fees including VAT & Table tax

    ≃11.50 EGP

    ≃23 EGP

    ≃6.50 EGP

    ≃19 EGP

    31 EGP

Terms & Conditions:

  • Extra Renewable add-ons follow the bill cycle.
  • One-time add-ons are valid for 30 days.

Changing payment mode to monthly bill through:

  • WE Stores