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You can make all types of calls (Local, National, Mobile & International) from your home landline.

Home Landline contracting fees is (150 EGP – not including Request fees, stamp & VAT)

Home Landline contracting fees is (150 EGP – not including stamp & VAT):

Description Price (EGP)
Total of installation &contracting fees including the subscription of WE Ardy 20 bundle and caller ID service for 3 months paid in advance 150
Stamps 8 + 2.90 EGP for each paper
Value added tax 14%

Contracting Procedures:

  • You can fill the request of contract to new Landline form for 20 EGP including taxes (attached with a copy of valid national ID (front & back side) and building ownership contract or an apartment lease and installation is finalized upon technical feasibility.

Required Documents:

  • Identification card (original & copy): valid national ID showing the same installation address.
  • Building ownership contract or an apartment lease or a utility services receipt: electricity, gas or water.

Terms and Conditions:

  • When you subscribe to new home landline, you will have WE Ardy 20 as a basic package, which has 120 local minutes monthly, in addition to home landline subscription, Caller ID service, with 20 EGP as a monthly fee.
  • You can choose the bill frequency whether (Monthly, Quarterly or yearly) subscription charged, when you subscribe to new home landline.
  • The caller ID Service will be added by default with the new landline contract without any extra fees.
  • The value of “WE Ardy 20” subscription including the landline subscription
  • The terms and conditions of WE Ardy 20 bundles apply. For more information. Click here

Channels to Get Fixed Landline:

  • All WE stores
  • Call Center 111
  • Website

Now you can request a new home landline without going to any of our stores, though WE website after completing all the necessary data (click here) and make sure to add a copy of the required documents shall be uploaded as follows:

  • Identification document (a valid national ID card front & back side) showing the same installation address
  • Ownership contract or real estate lease contract or utility receipt (electricity / water / gas)

The ways of completing contracting procedures if the technical is available:

  • You can choose to complete the contracting procedures at the nearest WE Store

Terms and Conditions:

  • You will acknowledge that all the data provided by you is correct, as well as your responsibility on the documents and papers submitted by you that are necessary for your landline request.
  • In case of technical feasibility is available on the contract request of the landline, you are obligated to complete the contracting procedures within 30 days as a maximum of informing you, and in case of non-compliance, the company has the right to cancel the reservation of the line after 30 days from the date of reservation sent to you.
  • You can follow up the service request through call center 111 using the request serial number which has been sent to your mobile in SMS.

Calls Inside Egypt

Call Type Price (Pts. / min)

Local: (on net)

Calls from WE landline to another WE landline in the same governorate
Available for all home landlines.

3 pts. per minute + 10 pts. call set-up

National:(on net)

Calls from WE landline to another WE landline to all governorates

(Less than 60 Km.) 8 pts. per minute.
(More than 60 Km.) 16 pts. per minute.

+ 10 pts. call set-up

Current Offer:

3 pts. per minute
+ 10 pts. call set-up

Calls from landline to Mobile:

Calls from WE landline to WE mobile 
Calls from WE landline to other mobile

3 pts. per minute + 10 pts. call set-up
14 Pts. per minute + 10 Pts. call set-up

Calls to another landline operator

Calls from WE landline to another landline operator (local and national calls)

14 Pts. Per minute + 10 Pts. Call set-up

International Calls Base Price:

International Calling Rates (EGP/min) Peak Off-Peak
Arab countries and USA 5.25 4.05
Europe and Canada 6.15 5.25
Rest of the World 7.65 6
Others* 12 12
  • Peak Time: from 8 AM to 8 PM
  • Off-Peak time: from 8 PM to 8 AM

* Others include: Tunisia, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Mauritania, Guinea, Burundi, Niger, Chad, Mali, Morocco, Algeria, Sierra Leone, Maldives, Cuba and Madagascar.

Landline ownership modification for existing customers:

Now, you can correct and modify your landline ownership to control your landline & enjoy promotions and services. The administrative fees is only 5 EGP (excluding tax & stamp) for the following cases:

  • The waiver to the heirs
  • The waiver to a relative
  • The Assignment
  • Telephone status correction
  • In & out partner
  • Changing the name
  • Selling for commercial shops and houses
  • Exchanging the telephone numbers as a result of exchanging the apartments

How to apply:

  • Through WE stores

Required procedures:

  • The customer fills the form of correcting & changing the landline ownership and attach it with a copy of the ID to review the data and status of the landline.
  • In case of landline waiver, both the assignor & the assignee should visit WE store to fulfill the request.
  • In case of telephone status correction, the customer who wants to correct the telephone status should visit WE store to fulfill the request.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • For more information call 111/ 015550001111