VoLTE Technology

With VoLTE technology, enjoy HD voice & fast internet simultaneously with calls

VoLTE Benefits:

VoLTE Technology enables the following:

  • HD quality calls with crystal clear voice
  • Instant call setup
  • Simultaneous voice calls and fast internet
  • Better battery life.

How to enable VoLTE

  1. Your handset should be supporting VoLTE technology.
    VoLTE is currently available on the below devices: At of the moment, the below handsets are VoLTE enabled in Alexandria & Delta
  2. Make sure your device software is updated with the latest version of software update.
  3. Enable VoLTE on your device according to your device type:
    Samsung -> Settings -> Connections -> Mobile Networks -> Enable VoLTE Calls SIM (1)
    Xiaomi -> SIM cards & mobile networks -> WE SIM -> enable Use VoLTE
    Huawei -> Settings -> Mobile network -> Mobile data -> Enable VoLTE Calls
  4. Make calls normally and enjoy a superior voice quality with WE