WE Mix, the largest control & fixed internet in one bundle for the 1st time in Egypt

With WE Mix, enjoy the largest control tariff and fixed internet in one bundle for the first time in Egypt. Call all networks with the equivalent of 1 minute and share the Mix minutes and internet with your family and friends.

You will not lose any megabyte. If you fully consume the mobile internet, you can still enjoy the internet using your fixed internet quota.

Also, enjoy free minutes to be used in calling your group members.

WE Mix Tariff WE Mix 165 WE Mix 240
Mobile Internet 3,500 MB Up to 7,000 MB* 6,000 MB Up to 12,000 MB*
Minutes 1,500 2,000
Group Minutes 250 500
Fixed Internet Quota 150 GB (50 GBs to be used from 12 AM to 8 AM) 190 GB (50 GBs to be used from 12 AM to 8 AM)
Group members Group Owner + 1 mobile line + 1 fixed internet line Group Owner + 2 mobile line + 1 fixed internet line
ADSL to Mobile conversion rate 1MB Mobile = 20MB ADSL 1MB Mobile = 20MB ADSL
Subscription Code *100# *100#
SMS 50 50

*Get double your minutes for 3 months upon purchasing a new line on any WE Mix rate plan.

Prices inside bundle:

  • 1 minute to any WE number or landline = 1 minute from your bundle.
  • MB on social media = 1 MB from your bundle
  • Social Media apps include: Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google Maps, Anghami, Sound Cloud.
  • MB on other websites = 2 MB from your bundle.
  • 1 minute to other networks = 1 minute from bundle as per below schedule, then every minute to other networks after consuming capped off-net minutes =5 minutes from bundle.


  Mix 165 Mix 240
Total Bundle Minutes 1,500 2,000
Capping 225 300
  • 1 SMS to WE Network = 1 SMS from bundle.
  • 1 SMS to Other Network = 5 SMS from bundle.

Prices inside bundle:

  • You will be charged 19 PT /minute or SMS to all networks and for every MB.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Bundle validity is 30 days
  • Every MB used from fixed internet to mobile will be equivalent to 20MB from fixed internet quota.
  • Bundle owner can add members using *100#, MyWE App or by calling 111.
  • Members joining the group must be on WE Mix plan.
  • Bundle owner can set limit to the member’s consumption through MyWE App or by calling 111.
  • Intra-minutes can only be used between members of the same group.
  • Remaining minutes and megabytes from the main bundle will be carried over to the following month in case of on-time renewal.
  • In case of non-renewal, unused minuets and MBs will expire.
  • Bundle will be renewed automatically if there is enough balance.
  • There is no carry-over for intra-minutes or fixed internet quota.
  • Customers can use fixed internet quota after fully consuming mobile internet.
  • Off-peak time for fixed internet quota is 3-10 AM
  • After totally consuming ADSL quota for off-peak time, you can use from quota dedicated to peak time.
  • After consuming ADSL quota for off-peak time, you cant use from quota dedicated for off-peak time.
  • If you consumed your fixed internet quota, you will enjoy unlimited internet service with throttled speed. To upgrade to your original speed within the same month, you can recharge any of the following add-on quotas more than once per month:
Extra Quota Price
20 GB 30 EGP
50 GB 60 EGP
100 GB 100 EGP

Mobile Minutes Additional Bundles:

Minutes 500 minutes to WE network
Validity 30
Bundle Price 5 EGP
Renewal No Automatic Renewal

Terms and Conditions Apply

To change to WE network or buy a new line, Click Here to know the nearest WE store: