Hosted Call Center

Hosted Call Center

WE in cooperation with AVAYA offers a managed call center service with a flexible solution provided to enterprises.

WE 's managed call center allows enterprises to select only the pieces they need, get leading-edge call center functionality quickly without capital expense, and protect their investment over time. This allows the customer to optimizing the customer interface and managing agents.

Starting from 3 seats you can outsource your own call center solution through TE Data in return of monthly rental fees.



  • Expenses reduction
  • Speedy implementation
  • Remote agent support
  • Focus on core call center operations
  • Technical knowledge is not required



  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

This service distributes incoming telephone calls to a specific group of people (agents) responsible for answering those inbound telephone calls.

  • Reporting & Monitoring

Extensive monitoring and reporting facilities assist call center supervisors and management with structuring the service for optimal call handling and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Recording

Conversations with callers can be stored, allowing supervisors to review when convenient to determine where improvements to call handling procedures can be made.

  • Contact Center Express

Enhance customer interactions through a management solution that routes, tracks, and reports on electronic inquiries from the enterprise's website.

  • IVR

Hardware or software based IVR systems direct incoming calls to relevant agents or departments.

  • Supervisor control

Supervisors can listen-in to and monitor live inbound/outbound calls from any location by phone, allowing immediate adjustments to agent call handling, by entering the agent's ID via the keypad.

  • Trunks

Incoming and outgoing channels between company and the public telephone network

  • Voice Mail

This service allows the subscriber to use the automatic answering service to enable the calling party to leave a message to the called party if he/she is absent or his/her line is busy (as per his request)

  • Service Observe

It allows supervisors to listen only to calls handled by agents & cannot be heard by parties on the call.

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Managed DDOS Protection

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection system protects you from DDoS attacks, one of the most serious threats facing companies on the Internet and that are typically launched by compromised PCs controlled by remote attackers DDoS can wipe out web presence for months with incalculable financial costs and damage to your business reputation

Features & benefits:

  • Proactively detects and mitigates DDoS attacks
  • Continues active threat feed to ensure an always up-to-date detection.
  • Increase availability across operations
  • Select the most suitable model of protection (Volumetric, and/or multitier protection model)
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Help achieve sustainability goals
  • Real-time network analysis, visibility, and historical reporting.
  • Create the right environment, and ultimately protected connectivity.

What we offer?
A highly intelligent and efficient DDoS protection solution that can greatly protect your connectivity against DDoS attacks, a technology that directly increase the availability of online datacenter.
“Managed DDoS Protection” is a new cloud-based service; it can also integrate with On-premise implemented DDoS protection appliance installed at customer in the below two forms.

  • Volumetric: On-cloud, protects the enterprise form DDoS volumetric attacks, mitigation packages starting from 100MB attacks protection up to Unlimited volumetric attacks.
  • Multi-tier: On-cloud + On-premise, which protect the enterprise from DDoS volumetric attack, in addition to Application based attacks, mitigation packages starting from 100MB application attacks protection to 5GB application attacks protection.

For more details please contact your WE-DATA Sales Representative or send mail to

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WE Access
Access & Control REMOTE BRANCHES
Centralized Management
SMART Wi-Fi Solutions
Data Analytics

WE ACCESS Managed Service

“Access and Control your business quick and easy everywhere all the time”

Our new Managed router service extension, powered by Cisco -Meraki, enables businesses to connect their various office sites using any existing Internet connection from WE and secure their data.

WE Access new managed WiFi (Wireless LAN) provides also private wireless access for employees and a public WiFi network for guests in one fully managed, end-to-end solution. The service includes built-in security and handles over 100 users per access point. Plus, it grows with your business, from a single access point to a large network with thousands of access points is an easy and fast way.

The service provides rich network reporting that allows decision making backed up by data, engage with your customers and Ability to monetize your Wi-Fi network by understanding users’ behaviors to increase revenuers or enhancing effective operations

We Access is distinguished by providing your business with a monthly subscription, which saves you in bearing the costs of purchasing the devices and the service.

Benefits of the service include:

  • WAN connectivity optimization to priorities bandwidth allocation for selected applications
  • An IP-SEC VPN over Internet
  • A fully fledged firewall with unified threat management (UTM) that ensures it is automatically updated
  • Firewall - Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) - Anti-virus - Anti-malware
  • Application control i.e. bandwidth optimization by application
  • Dedicated User-friendly, web-based dashboard with powerful real-time network data and data analytics
  • Search for users by device type (iPad, Android etc.)
  • Locate clients across multiple sites with Google Maps integration
  • Monitor client or organization application usage
  • Access network summary reports

For full details of all business solutions available, ring the business team on 222 - 01551555222 or 19776 or send mail to

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Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall

     Managed Firewall services protect your  network and your clients  from unauthorized or malicious internet traffic.


Feature Fully Managed Service
Description Engineers supporting and monitoring your firewall 24/7/365
Feature Market Leading Provider
Description Telecom Egypt and Fortinet have a proven successful partnership record.
Feature Comprehensive Range of Firewalls
Description A range of devices that meet customers’ needs and sizes.
Feature VPN services
Description Securely connecting offices and remote users using IPSEC and SSL technology.
Feature Unified Threat Management
Description Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Web Filtering services to further protect customers network and increase productivity.
Feature Service and Support from TE
Description Updates and vulnerabilities are instantly monitored and applied
Feature Description
Fully Managed Service Engineers supporting and monitoring your firewall 24/7/365
Market Leading Provider Telecom Egypt and Fortinet have a proven successful partnership record.
Comprehensive Range of Firewalls A range of devices that meet customers’ needs and sizes.
VPN services Securely connecting offices and remote users using IPSEC and SSL technology.
Unified Threat Management Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Web Filtering services to further protect customers network and increase productivity.
Service and Support from TE Updates and vulnerabilities are instantly monitored and applied


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Smarter Email

Smarter Email

Smart e-mail service delivers exchange-level email server software and instant messaging with superior stability

Features & benefits:

  •  Accessing email or chats from anywhere, at any time, using a standard Web browser
  • Instant communication
  •  Work at your desk or on-the-go with complete collaboration and synchronization
  • Industry-standard ant spam & antivirus ensures mail server security around the clock
  • Easily migrate from any mail service  Preserve your email and chat history with full archiving
  • Web mail for all your email communications
  • Link tasks to emails for greater efficiency and better organization
  • Unified Email and Collaboration Server
  • Full contact management, including attachment, meeting and email history
  • Support for the latest and greatest devices and applications Complete Mobile Communication


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