Co-location Hosting

Co-location Hosting

  • Co-location hosting enables companies to host their dedicated servers at Telecom Egypt's Network Operations Center (NOC) to guarantee 24/7 experienced monitoring against hardware failures, software failures, and security vulnerabilities

Features & Benefits:

  •        State of the art data center.
  •        99.9% network availability.
  •        Hardware redundancy.
  •        Climate control.
  •        24/7 technical support.
  •        Hardware insurance.
  •        High receivable dedicated and shared IP connectivity services.


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Dedicates Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Managed dedicated hosting

Customers benefit from renting racks or rack unit spaces plus connectivity at WE's data center, whereby WE will be responsible for all on-sight maintenance and management (such as server up time monitoring, hardware warranty, security patch updates and more).

Un-managed dedicated hosting

 Customers benefit from equipment, rack space, connectivity while maintaining the sole responsibility & capability of remotely managing their service.

Features & Benefits:

  •        State -of the art- Data Center.
  •        99.9% network availability.
  •        Hardware redundancy Climate control.
  •        24/7 technical support.
  •        High receivable dedicated and shared IP connectivity.
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Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

  • Shared Web Hosting service provides a world-class web hosting performance at affordable prices. Shared Hosting service utilizes cutting edge high availability servers that are connected directly to WE's redundant backbone network guaranteeing world-class performance and up time.

Features & Benefits:

  • Full site management and control Security
  • Close performance monitoring
  • 24/7 support


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WE Cloud

As the demand for computing resources and applications is increasing, WE is offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), as well as Software as a Service (SaaS); in order to attend to customers’ rapidly growing and changing requirements in a flexible way, yet with professional and resilient solutions.

IaaS are computing resources delivered as a service dynamically scaling as demanded with multiple tenants on the same infrastructure resources; featuring quick provisioning, management, support, and ongoing change management process.

SaaS, is any application delivered over centralized web platform to the end user with minimal time to go live, which saves a lot of time needed for the traditional Software development life cycle.

WE as a leading Managed Service Provider, the whole platform hosted in our highly qualified Datacenters, with the latest security measures in order to protect the environment against the most sophisticated threats.



  • Initial CAPEX investment is not necessarily, as customers have the option of OPEX subscription model.
  • Grow-as-you-go flexible model.
  • Create the right environment for testing, development, and/or production.
  • Increase productivity across IT.
  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Help achieve sustainability goals.
  • Enjoy stable and well tested applications and infrastructure.
  • Make sure you get the best application that suits your business ahead of the investment.
  • Purpose built multitenant solutions.
  • Value added services
  • Backup
  • Monitoring
  • Professional services
  • Different Network and Host-based security measures
  • Domain names
  • SSL certificates
  • Diverse applications


Solution overview

WE solution is an integrated package of software, hardware, and services built on WE own data center to serve the enterprise market. The solution delivers Cloud with self-service and automation, built on top of visualized storage, computing and networking with the capability to be a cloud service provider. There are modular additions that further deliver application self-service, data protection, and platform management,

along with diverse features like

  • Complete management of the infrastructure service lifecycle
  • On-demand access to and control of network bandwidth, servers, storage, and security
  • Provisioning, monitoring, and management of the infrastructure services can be done by the line of business end user, without IT administrator involvement.
  • Assisted launch options.
  • Maximum asset utilization
  • The cloud infrastructure, applications, and operations designed to reduce costs through higher utilization and higher staff productivity.
  • SLA
  • Service Catalog.
  • Proactive support and highly qualified technical support.
  • Professional Service for Installation, commissioning, support and ongoing consultancy.
  • Warranty management of your equipment.
  • Training.
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Web Solutions

Web Solutions

Website solutions offers custom website designs by WE premier graphic design artists The team is specialized in utilizing a wide range of current technologies available like, MS-SQL, MySQL, and XML, to develop powerful and efficient Sample websites.

Team achievements

Achieved “EWA Silver Award”

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