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Subscribe from your line now and get one free month, be renewed after the free period with 50 L.E monthly or 20 L.E weekly, noting that internet consumption will be deducted from your main package.

For monthly subscription: https://te.eg/sl/JawwyMonthly
For weekly subscription:  https://te.eg/sl/JawwyWeekly

What is Jawwy TV?

Jawwy TV, an entertainment streaming service that provides you with the best and latest movies, series, documentaries, kids programs and more through some of the best local and international partners. You can also enjoy watching a wide range of exclusive and original production, in addition to a large number of the best local and international TV channels, including free to call and encrypted. All this tailored to your needs in one place and account, so you can easily search entertainment content and create a single watch list that includes all your favorites.

  • 30,000+ Videos | from exclusive movies, series, documentaries, kids programs and more

  • Most Popular TV Channels | In one platform

  • Without contracts or restrictions; cancel at any time

  • Multiple screens | Watch all content at the same time

  • Restore viewing so you don't miss your favorite programs

  • Without commercial breaks, for an enjoyable viewing experience

  • Family control, for a safe entertainment experience for your children

  • Download it now and watch it later, watch your favorite works offline

  • Casting feature Enjoy watching on your big screen