Nitro Packages
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With Nitro mobile internet bundles, you will enjoy the fastest 4G experience with the highest value without limitations. In addition to more megabytes on social media, music and Gaming applications with a special consumption providing you with up to double your bundle quota.




Subscription code


Nitro 10 

625MB Up to 1250*Megabytes


30 Days

Nitro 20 

1375MB Up to 2750*Megabytes


30 Days

Nitro 40 

3,250 MB Up to 6,500*Megabytes


30 Days

Nitro 70 

6,250MB Up to 12,500*Megabytes


30 Days

Nitro 100 

10,000MB Up to 20,000*Megabytes


30 Days

Nitro 200 

23,500MB Up to 47,000*Megabytes


30 Days

Nitro 450 

50,000MB Up to 100,000*Megabytes


90 Days

Nitro bundles details:

  • These packages are available for Prepaid, Postpaid and Data Sim customers.
  • In case of consuming the quota on social & music applications such as (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google Maps, SoundCloud, Anghami), 0.5MB will be deducted from your bundle for every 1MB Consumption for all Nitro packages.
  • Also, starting Nitro 40 Gaming mobile applications such as (PUB G, Fortnite, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans & Asphalt 9) will be charged 0.5MB for every 1MB Consumption.
  • In case of browsing other websites such as YouTube, 1MB will be deducted from your bundle for every 1 MB Consumption.
  • The bundle will be automatically renewed if you have sufficient balance
  • Carry-over of unused megabytes is applicable upon on-time renewal.
  •  After 100% consumption, you will be charged as out of bundle on prepaid lines (KIX – Control Tazbeet – Ahlawy) 15PT/megabyte, & postpaid 14PT/megabyte and for data sim 12PT/megabyte.

Example for using Nitro 10

  • In case of 100% consumption on social & music applications and websites, you will have up to 1250MB in the bundle.
  • In case of 100% consumption on other websites, YouTube, or download, you will have up to 625MB in the bundle.
  • 100% of bundle will be consumed In case of 1000MB consumption on social media & music applications and websites, and 125MB on other websites, YouTube, or download

In case of 100% consumption, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Early renewal through code *999*2#.
  • Add-on Bundle 20EGP (1,000 megabytes) with consumption of 1MB for every 1MB consumption.






30 days


20 EGP


The Mobile internet packages are also available on Data Sims and can be used on our Mifi and Wingle.


WE MIFI 4G (HUAWEI E5573Cs-933)

  • Maximum working time: Up To 6 hours.
  • Maximum standby time: Up To 300 hours.
  • 4G High Speed.
  • High Speed Download Up to 150Mbps/Upload 50Mbps.
  • Support up to 16 WiFi devices.
  • Rechargeable Battery 1500 MAH.

WE Wingle 4G

 WE Wingle 4G (Huawei E8372)

  • 4G High Speed
  • High Speed Download Up to 150Mbps/Upload 50Mbps
  • Support up to 10 WiFi devices
  • Micro SD card slot.
  • USB 2.0 high speed.