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Board Of Directors

Telecom Egypt is proud of having an established board of directors that is comprised of high profile, experienced and active members who are committed to direct the company toward its mission and actively guide the management and staff through the process. During economic hardships and fierce market competition, they have excelled to lead the company to its leading position in Egypt and the Middle East

Maged Ebrahim Osman

Nonexecutive Board Member; Chairman of Board

Osman was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Telecom Egypt in March 2016, representing the government.
Osman is the Executive Manager of the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research “Baseera", and a professor of statistics at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University.

Osman served as the Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in the caretaker government which was formed after the 25th January revolution in 2011.
He has also served as Executive Director of Information and Decision Support Centre (IDSC), an affiliate of the Egyptian Cabinet, from 2005 to 2011. Osman was the Executive Manager of the Demographic Center in Cairo in 2004. Currently, he is the editor and lead author of the 2016 Human Development Report for social justice issues.
Osman is a member of the National Council for Women and the Vice President of the Union of Arab Statisticians. He is the Chief founder of the Arab Network of Public Opinion Polling Stations and Coordinator for the Egyptian Initiative for Right to Information. He is a member of the Institut d’Égypte, and member of the Board of Trustees of the faculty of International Affairs and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo. He is Board Chairman of Trustees of the "Call" initiative for the development of Upper Egypt.
Osman supervised the implementation of a large number of opinion polls and surveys, including global survey of values in Egypt and the Corruption Perceptions Survey in Egypt. He made his first public opinion polls to assess the Presidential performance and first-time post voting surveys. His research interests include measuring human development, governance and demographic studies, the role of think-tanks and future studies. He participated in the preparation of Egypt's vision for sustainable development to year 2030 “Egypt Vision 2030” and held the responsibility to develop the demographic strategy.
Osman obtained his Master and Doctoral degrees from Case University in USA.
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Tamer Gadalla

Executive Board Member; Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Gadalla was appointed member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors in March 2016, representing the government.
Gadalla was appointed as Telecom Egypt’s VP & Enterprise Chief Commercial Officer in January 2014. He joined Telecom Egypt Group in February 2004 as the Enterprise Commercial Manager at TE data, fully-owned data arm subsidiary of Telecom Egypt, undertaking various responsibilities and roles before being appointed as Managing Director of TE data in 2008.

Previously, he was General Manager of MenaNet Communication, a local internet service provider in Egypt, from 1999 to 2004.
Gadalla holds a Bachelors of Science in Communications Engineering from Cairo University and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Maastricht School of Management (MSM-RVB).
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Ashraf Mohamed Said Halim Ismail

Nonexecutive Board Member

Army General Ismail, has been appointed to the Board of Telecom Egypt in March 2016, representing the government. He is the chief of staff of the Egyptian Signal Corps in the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Lobna Mohammed Helal

Nonexecutive Board Member

Helal was appointed member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors in March 2016, representing the government.
Helal started her career in banking and investment banking where she assumed responsibilities in Arab- African International Bank, the Egyptian American Bank and the Egyptian financial group (EFG)- Hermes.

In 2004, Helal joined the Central Bank of Egypt, to develop and execute a full-fledged two phased Banking Sector Reform Program (2004 till 2011). In November 2011, she was appointed as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt.
In March 2013, Helal was appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of the Egyptian Mortgage Refinance Company (EMRC), which is a specialized financial institution that provides refinancing to primary mortgage lenders. In June 2015, she was elected as the first Head of the Egyptian Mortgage Finance Union.
In November 2015, a new Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Egypt was appointed by a Presidential decree whereby Helal was appointed as the Deputy Governor, responsible for Monetary Stability.
Helal holds the position of Non-Executive Chairman for each of the Egyptian Mortgage Refinance Company and the Credit Guarantee Company. She also sits on the Board of Directors of the Guarantee and Subsidy fund, Nasser Social Bank and the Social Housing Fund.
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Ahmed Mohamed Hamdy Elbehiery

Nonexecutive Board Member

ElBehiery was appointed member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors in March 2016, representing the government.
ElBehiery started his career as a design engineer for mobile networks in Alcatel and contributed in the infrastructure construction for the first mobile network in Egypt during the period from 1995 to 1998. Then, he joined Mobinil (currently Orange Egypt) as a Network Development Manager, assuming various positions till he served as the Networks & Roaming Director, prior to starting his own private business.

In 2007, he founded Telecomix Group for Investment and Development, which consists of a group of companies operating in the fields of telecommunications and Information Technology services in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. He served as the board Chairman of the group till March 2016.
In 2014, ElBehiery has co-established "Idea" Company for investments in Africa, for technological solutions for the development of African communities in the fields of infrastructure, energy and water. He served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company until December 2015.
ElBehiery has a number of researches contributing in the field of Mobile Communications Engineering that was published in the Telecom World Conference in California in 1997 and in the International Institute for Communications and Information Technology (IEEE) Magazine.
ElBehiery holds a Bachelor Science in Communications Engineering from the University of Alexandria in 1994, with an honors degree, then he continued his theoretical studies to get a Masters degree in Mobile Communications Engineering in 1997 and a Master of Business Administration from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in collaboration with the French University of Rennes.
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Mohamed Hassan Shamroukh

Executive Board Member; Chief Financial Officer - CFO

Shamroukh was appointed member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors in March 2016, representing the government.
Shamroukh was appointed to Telecom Egypt’s VP for Financial Affairs & Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in March 2016.

Shamroukh first joined Telecom Egypt in 2002 as a Network Engineer, undertaking various responsibilities and roles before being appointed Operations General Manager, in 2007. In 2009, he was appointed to the role of Corporate Strategy Director.
Shamroukh holds an Executive Masters in Business Administration from IESE Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Electric Communication from Cairo University.
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Hussien Yousri Mohamed Gamal El-din Amin

Nonexecutive Board Member

Amin was appointed member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors in March 2016, representing the government.
Amin is a professor and former chair of journalism and mass communication department and director of the "Adham" center for Television and digital journalism at the school of Global Affairs and Public Policies, the American University in Cairo.

He serves on many boards including the world congress on Middle East Studies, the information Technology Institute (ITI), the H.H. Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah informatics Awards, and the Egyptian Radio and Television Union.
Amin received his Doctoral degree from the Ohio State University in 1986.
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Mohamed Abdellatief Attia-Allah

Executive Board Member

Attia-Allah was appointed member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors in June 2014, representing the company’s Employee Union.

He is appointed as the company’s Manpower Planning Manager for Technical Affairs.
Attia-Allah is a board member in the Loyalty and Membership Fund, as well as a board member of Telecom Egypt’s Sports Club.
Attia-Allah holds a Bachelor degree from the High Institute for Studies, in 1990. He also obtained a diploma in Business Administration, in 2006.
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Ahmed Abou Ali

Nonexecutive Board Member

Abou Ali was appointed member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors, as an independent Board Member.
Abou Ali combines Egyptian and US legal education and practice, with experience in banking, commercial and corporate in both markets. In the US, he was involved in several corporate financing, leveraged buy-outs and corporate restructuring as an attorney with the Chicago law firm of Sidley & Austin.

Abou Ali served as attorney of the Supreme Court of Egypt. He is also a partner in Hassouna & Abou Ali for legal consulting. He has special experience in corporate, commercial and financial law.
He acts regularly as a legal advisor to the boards of several local subsidiaries of multinational companies and Egyptian joint stock companies.
Abou Ali holds an International Law degree from Notre Dame Law School (London School of Economics - LSE), in 1979. Also holds a L.L.M (Master of Laws) degree from Harvard University, in 1985.
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Eskandar Tooma

Nonexecutive Board Member

Tooma has been appointed member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors in June 2015, as an independent Board Member.
Tooma is a member of the American Economic Association (AEA), the American Finance Association (AFA) and also the Secretary General of the African Finance Association. He was also a senior advisor to the Egyptian Capital Market Authority, as well as a member of a variety of committees including the EGX30 Index Committee, Market Advancement Committee at the Egyptian Stock Exchange, an advisor and member of the Derivatives and Commodities Exchange Committee with the Ministry of Investments and an advisor to the Ministry of International Cooperation on Egypt's Dept Swap Experience.

Eskandar obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from The American University in Cairo (AUC) and Adelphi University. He holds two Master degrees, the first in Finance and the second in International Economics from Adelphi and Brandeis University respectively. Finally, he holds a doctoral degree in Finance from Brandeis University.
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Mohammed Hany Seif El Nasr

Nonexecutive Board Member

El Nasr has been appointed member of Telecom Egypt’s Board of Directors in March 2016, as an independent Board Member.
El Nasr is the chairman of the Arab Investment Bank since 2011, He has been offering many years of experience in the banking, financial, social and developmental domains.

He took over the presidency of important financial and banking institutions, of which are: Chairman of Misr Arab African Bank, CEO of the Arab Bank Corporation (ABC-Egypt), Managing Director of the Social Fund for development (SFD), as well as former Board of Director's member in Bank Misr, National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and the Commercial International Bank (CIB), and previously served as President of the Arab Union for small enterprises and President of Union of Arab Investors.
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